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Our Chapter

Our Mission

Advancing Government Accountability

Our Goals

To serve professionals in the government financial

management community by:

  • providing quality education;

  • fostering professional development certification; and

  • supporting standards and research to advance government accountability.

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Who We Are

The AGA Guam Chapter has over 200 members ranging from students and entry-level employees to senior executives and elected officials that work in places such as the local government, post-secondary educational institutions, federal agencies, public accounting firms, and private sector industries. Our membership is comprised of individuals from various disciplines including accounting, auditing, budgeting, finance, contract management, program management, grants management, academia, etc.

The Chapter serves its members by providing or sponsoring appropriate educational programs, encouraging professional development, influencing governmental financial management policies and practices, and serving as an advocate for the profession. The AGA Guam Chapter shall serve government officials and the public by sponsoring efforts to ensure full and fair accountability for all public monies and by providing a variety of pro-bono services to our community.

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For the past five decades, the AGA Guam Chapter had consistent leadership and overwhelming support from its members and community partners. We continue to uphold the principles and mission of AGA by fostering learning, certification, leadership and collaboration for professionals and stakeholders committed to advancing government accountability. As of June 2020, the AGA Guam Chapter has 245 members in the local, regional, and federal governments of Guam and Micronesia, as well as the private sector.

Past Presidents Listing

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