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Director of Accountability: Doreen T. Crisostomo-Muna, Ph.D., CGFM, CFE, CICA

Co-Director: Shannaleen Braiel

The AGA Guam Chapter will continue its endeavor in promoting accountability and transparency in government. To this end, the Citizen-Centric Government Reporting Initiative intends on promoting and bridging the gap of communication between the government of Guam and its citizens.


The passage of Public Law 30-127 is unprecedented for the AGA community as Guam is the only government that mandated all of its government agencies, including line agencies, autonomous and semi-autonomous agencies, public corporations, the Courts of the Judiciary of Guam and the Legislature, to prepare Citizen Centric Reports (CCR) after the release of their respective financial audits annually. The AGA Guam Chapter believes that the CCR advances accountability and transparency of the government's financial information. The CCR's simplicity, clarity, and updated information is an innovative means of ensuring that our government provides more readily available and understandable financial data to the people of Guam.


Click Here to View Public Law 30-127

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