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Awards Details

Director of Awards: Justin Castro, CFE

Director of Chapter Recognition Program: Taling M. Taitano, CPA, CGFM








Local Awards


The Professor John M. Phillips Excellence in Government Accountability Award: 

This award will recognize a government professional who exemplifies and promotes excellence in government, outstanding leadership, high ethical standards, and innovative management procedures.  This award is named after Professor John M. Phillips, CGFM, CPA, MBA, for his contributions to advancing government accountability in the Pacific region. Professor Phillips was a charter member of the AGA Guam Chapter and a retired tenured professor of accounting at the University of Guam (UOG) after a 22-year career. 

The other local awards that are awarded in a biennial basis include the following:

  • Best Government of Guam Website Award: Recognizes an outstanding government of Guam website that promotes transparency and accountability.  Judging will be determined on compliance with Public Law 28-57 and other factors.  All government of Guam websites are eligible for this award.

  • Best Citizen-Centric Report Award: Recognizes an outstanding Citizen-Centric Report (CCR) that meets the design elements cited in Public Law 30-127 and other factors. All government of Guam entities with a prepared CCR are eligible for this award.


The AGA Guam Chapter provides local awards to its members. These awards include the Biennial Guam Professional Development Conference (GPDC) awards to the following:

  • Chapter Service Award: Recognizes an individual whose participation is above and beyond the call of duty, for matters that have made a positive impact and improvement on Chapter operations, membership, etc.

  • Chapter Education Award: Recognizes an AGA Guam Chapter member who demonstrated an outstanding commitment to providing educational opportunities that promote the Chapter.

  • Community Service Award: Recognizes an AGA Guam Chapter member who demonstrated an outstanding commitment to volunteer community service by participating in a volunteer community service project or projects. 

  • Emerging Leader Award: Recognizes an AGA Guam Chapter member who demonstrated the skills to be an outstanding leader and who has shown a commitment to improving chapter operations.  Nominees must have 5-10 years of work experience.

  • Agency Chapter Service Award: Recognizes outstanding support provided by an agency to the AGAGuam Chapter. Eligible agencies will have consistently made important contributions in support of the development and enhancement of AGA. All public and private organizations/agencies are eligible for this award.

National Awards

The AGA National provides awards to its Chapters that include the following:

  • Chapter Recognition Award: Recognizes individual chapter performance and provides a standard by which each AGA chapter maintains a well-rounded operation for the professional growth of its members. Details about this program are contained in the AGA publication titled, Chapter Recognition Program Book.

  • Chapter Community Service Award: These awards recognize chapters that have demonstrated an outstanding commitment to community service.

  • Chapter CGFM Award: This award recognizes AGA chapters that have done an outstanding job in promoting the CGFM program to its members, other accountability professionals and their communities.

  • Chapter Education Award: These awards recognize chapters that have done an outstanding job in providing educational programs to its members and other accountability professionals.

  • Chapter Service Award: Recognize individuals who have demonstrated an outstanding commitment to their chapters.

  • President's Award: The National President presents special awards to recognize individuals who have made extraordinary contributions to the success of the Association's program during that president's term.

Chapter Awards 2021.png

Seeking nominations for:

  • Chapter Service Award

  • Chapter Education Award

  • Volunteer Award

  • Emerging Leader Award

  • Agency/Organization Chapter Service Award

Please click here for the nomination form.

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