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CGFM Initiatives

The CGFM Committee has various CGFM initiatives of the Chapter's continuous commitment to promote the CGFM designation. This includes the following:

1. CGFM Scholarship Reimbursement;

2. CGFM Review Exam Questions Reimbursement Scholarship;

3. Study Guides Loan Program; and

4. CGFM Mentorship Program.

For more information, please contact CGFM Director Maripaz N. Perez at

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CGFM Scholarship Reimbursement


The CGFM Scholarship Reimbursement aims to promote CGFM as the certification of choice for government accountability professionals. Applicants of the scholarship can receive the registration fee ($70) fee plus the cost for each parts of the CGFM exam (no more than three; $125 per part), personally borne by the applicant. 


1. Must be an AGA Member upon completion and passing of all three parts of the CGFM examination.

2. Must have personally paid the CGFM registration fee.

3. Must have personally paid all three parts of the CGFM examinations.

4. Must provide a copy of their "My Path to CGFM" to show and validate applicant's examination results for all three exams.

5. Must have passed all three parts of the CGFM exams within the applicant's eligibility period.

6. Extensions of eligibility may be granted to individuals who have passed at least one of the CGFM examinations before the end of his or her eligibility period. An extension will not establish a new eligibility period, but offers the candidate an additional 30 to 60 days to complete all of his or her exams. Extensions will not be granted to individuals who have not passed at least one of the CGFM examinations.

AGA CGFM Scholarship Reimbursement Request Form

CGFM Review Exam Questions Scholarship


Since Program Year 2015-2016, the Certification Committee has offered the CGFM Practice Exams Promotion for AGA Guam Chapter members. The CGFM Review Exam Questions Reimbursement Scholarship program is available to AGA Members. Members can be reimbursed for cost personally incurred. Applicants must submit their application to the committee within six months of the purchase date of the review exam questions. Scholarship for this reimbursement program will not exceed the cost for each of the three-part review exam questions within the applicant's CGFM eligibility period.


1. Must be an AGA Member upon request of the reimbursement(s).

2. Must have personally paid for the CGFM Review Exam Questions.

3. Must provide a copy of their invoice when requesting for the reimbursement(s).

4. No more than three review exam questions will be awarded within an applicant's eligibility period. 

AGA CGFM Review Exam Questions Scholarship Request Form

CGFM Study Guides Loan


The CGFM Study Guide Loan program has CGFM review guides available for use. As an AGA Guam Chapter member benefit, this incentive is to assist in the professional growth and career advancement of those members who seek the CGFM designation.


1. Must be an AGA Member upon request for the study guides loan.

2. A borrower may only have one study guide checked out at any time.

3. Each study guide may be borrowed for a period of two (2) months. If extension is desired by the borrower, they must request and seek an approval for an extension from the Certification Committee Director (or a designee). Extension request approval may be granted based on the number of requests from other members.

4. All borrowed study guides must be returned in the same condition they were loaned. If there is damage to a study guide, the borrower is responsible for payment for the damages, which is generally the replacement cost for the study guide material.

AGA CGFM Study Guides Loan Form

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