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2018 GPDC Courses

Course Materials Available Online

In an effort to save our trees, participants may access the speaker presentations made available. Under the Home Page "Events & Announcements", click the GPDC Logo ( You will be directed to input a password, which was provided in your GPDC program. You will then gain access to the course schedule and other information for GPDC Attendees only.

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Wednesday, August 29th

Professional Resiliency

(John Lynskey, Wednesday Morning) - Plenary Session

We have ups and downs in our careers and lives. Professional Resiliency Moments may sneak up on you in small ways at work. One of the most important things is how we recover from a setback or a big challenge that set us apart. We all get knocked down. It is how we get back up that really set us apart. Resilience is a great life tool that can be learned. Let's have some fun and take a resiliency journey!

Professional Resiliency

Tools for Efficient Auditing

(Drummond Kahn, Wednesday Morning) - Concurrent Session

Fifteen time-tested tools and approaches to enhance the audit process and make it more timely and focused. Tools range from techniques auditors can apply during planning through the fieldwork and reporting process.

Tools for Efficient Auditing
Federal Government Update

Federal Government Update

(Billy Morehead, Wednesday Morning) - Concurrent Session

This session will discuss the latest developments and issues from Washington affecting state and local governments, such as GAO Green Book, GAO Fraud Assessment, OMB 2 CFR 200 (Super Circular), The DATA Act, Single Audit Act and A-133 update, etc.


(Dan Fitzgerald and Mizpah Wiegand, Wednesday Morning) - Concurrent Session

As public employees, there are certain expectations from the public on how we conduct ourselves. This course will provide participants with a basic understanding of the principles of ethical conduct which apply to all elected and public employees of the Government of Guam.


Construction Auditing and Fraud

(Billy Morehead, Wednesday Afternoon) - Concurrent Session

This session will discuss Construction Auditing and Fraud in Government looking at internal controls and procedures surrounding construction and building projects in various sizes of government programs.

Construction Auditing Fraud

Performance Measurement, Performance Management, and Tracking Results

(Drummon Kahn, Wednesday Afternoon) - Concurrent Session

Auditors, accountants, and financial managers have key accountability roles -- these include tracking how well programs are operating internally or as we provide government services.  This session will equip participants with real tools they can use immediately on the job to track, measure, and manage their program's results.  If you measure, audit, or manage programs, this session can help you show the results of your program's work!

Performance Measurement

Agile Project Management: Trends and Emerging Practices

(Amin Leiman, Wednesday Afternoon) - Concurrent Session

This session will identify the Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBK Guide) 6th Edition and Agile Practice Guide and explain how to use them as fundamental resources for effective project management in any industry including the government.

Participants will learn the following:

1. How project management can help maximize efficiency within the government;

2. How project management can transform one's personal and professional productivity; and

3. How to acquire and deploy the latest project management knowledge efficiently and effectively.

Agile Project

Thursday, August 30th 

Grant Financial Management

(John Lynskey, Thursday Morning) - Concurrent Session

Let's talk about Grants! The biggest flow of resources from the Federal Government to state and local governments and private sector is through grants. Grants are the #1 employer in the country when you take into account the amount of people whose jobs are supported by Federal, state, and local grants. Mr. Lynskey will walk through policy, grant monitoring, use of data analytics and AGA Grant tools.

How to Prepare Grant Applications

(Dr. Rachel Leon Guerrero and Janet Dirige)

This session will review how to research and provide tips on preparing grant applications.

Grant Financial Management

Audit Planning

(Drummond Kahn, Thursday Morning) - Concurrent Session

Auditors and our organizations have limited resources, but we face unlimited risks.  This session will cover audit planning at several levels -- from planning an annual audit schedule to planning individual audits.  You'll leave with a better understanding of annual and project planning and be able to connect those unlimited risks to our scarce audit resources.  The session will be of interest to audit practitioners, managers, and other leaders who want to best leverage their audit resources to reduce organizational and program risks.

Audit Planning

Accounting and Financial Reporting for Government Officials

(AGA Guam Chapter CGFMs, Thursday Morning) - Concurrent Session

A review of Sections 1 to 3 of the Certified Government Financial manager Exam (CGFM), Governmental Accounting, Financial reporting, and Budgeting. The session will cover the following topics:

  • Introduction and Budgeting

  • Cash, Accrual Accounting and Accounting in States and in Local Government

  • Fund Accounting and Reporting

  • Government-Wide Financial Reporting

  • Federal Financial Accounting Standards

CGFM Review
Lessons in Leadership

Lessons in Leadership - Building Effective Teams

(Billy Morehead, Thursday Morning) - Concurrent Session

Have you ever wondered what it really takes to be a leader? How do you build an effective team? We will discuss the challenges of leadership and team building by examining the serious and funny experiences of the speaker over his 30+ year career in government financial management and academia. We will discuss the joys of the "mountain top" and the challenges of "walking through the valleys".

Explaining Audit Results to Policy Makers

(Drummond Kahn, Thursday Morning) - Concurrent Session

If a tree falls in a forest, does it make a sound if no one hears it?  If an audit is released and no one reads it, will it have an impact?  This session will help auditors best explain their powerful audit results to the officials who set policy in their jurisdiction.  From communication skills to report processes, we'll cover methods for auditors to effectively explain their audit results!

Explaining Audit Results
Effective Report Writing

Effective Report Writing for Auditors and Accountants

(Billy Morehead, Thursday Afternoon) - Concurrent Session

This session will discuss and provide hands-on exercises regarding effective writing, critical thinking, communication, and documentation issues facing auditors and accountants. The session will also use humor to look at several popular misused words in the English vocabulary. The session can include best practices in publishing technical auditing and accounting articles in professional publications such as AGA's Journal of Government Financial Management.

Economic Outlook in the Pacific

(Joseph Bradley, Thursday Afternoon) - Concurrent Session

This session will discuss the economic outlook of not only Guam, but the region and nationally. It will include the economic effects of the increase in the Business Privilege Tax on Guam.

Economic Outlook in the Pacific
2018 GAS

2018 Government Auditing Standards

(Drummond Kahn, Thursday Afternoon) - Concurrent Session

This session will provide an update on the revisions in the 2018 Yellow Book; and background and current details on risk and control and methods for auditors to include risk and controls to best meet their audit objectives.

Enterprise Risk, Internal Controls, and Auditing

(Drummond Kahn, Thursday Afternoon) - Concurrent Session

Risk and controls are critical to manage in any organization.  We can't eliminate all risks, but we can manage them -- and auditors have a critical role in assessing risk and controls.  This session will cover risk and control concepts as well as the interfaces with the audit process.  You'll learn about tools and apply concepts to help manage risk and, through audits, ensure that the organization is understanding and managing the risks it faces.

Enterprise Risk, Internal Controls
Collaboration for Impact

Collaboration for Impact: A Tool to Complete Your Project Harmoniously

(Yuichi Suzuki, Thursday Afternoon) - Concurrent Session

Collaboration for Impact (CFI) accelerates the chain of co-operation between stakeholders by understanding these five impediment areas first individually and then collectively as a whole:

1. Our blind-sided self (use the power from oneself) - understanding of how the other side is also important;

2. Accelerating the other sides (use the power from other sides and all sides) - enriching the power of other sides by helping all one's other sides;

3. Confrontation (use the power from reducing power loss) - converting conflicts into co-operations;

4. System (use the power of systems) - simplifying and making sophisticated systems; and

5. Continuity (use the power of long-term view) - more focus on maintaining a long-term view.

These five impediments are project distortions and must be harmonized throughout the project. Otherwise, the project enters into a vicious cycle of chaos which results into project failures. Mr. Suzuki will explain in detail on how to apply the five CFI principles to run any project successfully including audits.

Friday, August 31st

Ethics, Integrity, Objectivity

Ethics, Integrity, Objectivity, and Independence

(Billy Morehead, Friday Morning) - Concurrent Session

This session will discuss the definition and role of Ethics in the society and workplace. It will highlight recent ethical failures as well as discuss dilemmas facing the class and workplace of 2018.

GASB Updates

(Rizalito Paglingayen, Friday Morning) - Concurrent Session

This session will cover newly effective Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB) Statements affecting state and local governments. It will go over potential issues and challenges in implementing recently and newly effective GASB statements.

GASB Updates

Reporting to Our Citizens

(Doreen Crisostomo, Friday Morning) - Concurrent Session

With the ever-increasing demand for our public officials to be more accountable and transparent to its citizens, AGA National set out to determine exactly what it was that the citizens wanted to know about its government entities through the Citizen-Centric Report (CCR) initiative. A CCR provides a clear and concise snapshot of an entity's pertinent information in a way the average citizen can easily understand. Guam Public Law 30-127 requires government agencies to include this report as part of their annual reporting.

Reporting to Our Citizens

Common Audit Findings in the Islands

(Dan Fitzgerald and Mizpah Wiegand, Friday Morning) - Concurrent Session

With many years of auditing experience, our presenters will outline the common deficiencies they have encountered that auditees struggle with. This session is recommended for those auditors and finance/budgeting and management personnel involved in A-133 audits.

Common Audit Findings

Emerging Leaders Roundtable

(Friday Morning) - Concurrent Session

This session features local government and private sector leaders who will discuss what they deem essential success factors for young professionals in today’s ever changing and challenging environment. We’ve outlined some key topics, such as leadership, networking, communication, mentorship, advancement, and change management.

Emerging Leaders

The Puzzle of Supply and Demand in the Government Financial Management Workplace

(Billy Morehead, Friday Afternoon) - Concurrent Session

Discussion of the challenges of the government financial management and workforce. We will discuss the current workforce, the upcoming workforce, and issues with higher education and the profession which contribute to the struggle of getting college graduates to even consider applying for jobs in the government financial management sector.

Puzzle of Supply & Demand

OPA Procurement Appeals & Process

(Rodalyn Gerardo and Jerrick Hernandez, Friday Afternoon) - Concurrent Session

The Office of Public Accountability will provide an overview of the procurement appeals process on Guam, as well as outline some of the common procurement deficiencies observed in the appeals process.

OPA Procurement Appeals

Karate Project Management (KPM): The Project Management Skills They Never Taught You

(Amin Leiman, Friday Afternoon) - Plenary Session


A fun workshop filled with hands-on exercises reflecting real-life high performance projects' challenges. Participants will be taught the KPM Seven Bodies of Knowledge as the core foundation of managing a project "energy" and its related constraints. KPM provides the tools to succeed in project based on the principles of grounding, balancing, anticipating ,harmonizing, reflecting, progressing and resetting. Consequently, participants will be able to better handle projects' FUD factors: Fear, Uncertainties, and Doubt. These factors include misdirection, unexpected delays, detours, complications, and unpleasant discoveries.

Karate Project Management
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