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Director of Membership:          Jose B. Guevara III, PMBA, CGFM

Co-Directors of Membership:   Amacris V. Legaspi, CGFM (General) & Pamela R. Aguigui (Outreach)

The AGA Guam Chapter more than 200 members ranging from students and entry-level employees to senior executives and elected officials that work in places such as the local government, post-secondary educational institutions, federal agencies, public accounting firms, and private sector industries. Our membership is comprised of individuals from various disciplines including accounting, auditing, budgeting, finance, contract management, program management, grants management, academia, etc.


Article IV of the AGA Guam Chapter By-Laws establish that membership in the AGA Guam Chapter consists of Full Members, Early Career Members, Student Members, Retired Members, Lifetime Members, Honorary Members, and Corporate Members.


Members of the AGA Guam Chapter are provided with numerous professional development, educational and learning, networking, etc. opportunities throughout the year. Please visit the Member Benefits page for an in-depth review of the AGA Guam Chapter member benefits.

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AGA National Professional Development Training (PDT) Scholarship

Raffle for New Membership Recruitment Program (PY 2019-2020)

AGA Guam Chapter is sponsoring a scholarship raffle for eligible members who recruits two new members in this program year. Each time a member recruits two new members this program year, the member's name will be entered in a scholarship raffle to attend the upcoming AGA National PDT. The winner for this raffle will be announced during the month of May for this program year.

Each recruiting member's name is allowed to be entered up to two times during the program year's raffle event. The chances of winning in this PDT raffle increases when a member recruits more new members. This incentive program will be implemented each year only upon availability of funds.

AGA Guam New Membership Recruitment Program

Membership Recruitment Flyer

1st AGA Guam Chapter Family Picnic

Saturday, May 25, 2019

Thank you to our Guam Chapter Members and their families for coming out to our first AGA Family Picnic! It was definitely a fun day out in the sun. It was a great opportunity to get to know each other and add an opportunity to engage, not only with our fellow members, but with our family as well.

There was an early bird raffle, games, and prizes. Food and drinks were provided. An obstacle bouncy house was available for the kids to enjoy this family friendly event.

Special thanks to our coordinators and volunteers for their time and donations! We hope this is the first of many AGA family picnics!

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