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Past Presidents of the AGA Guam Chapter

The AGA Guam Chapter has been privileged to have had great presidents that have contributed to the growth and development of the AGA Guam Chapter into the organization it is today. From Floyd W. Fagg and John M. Phillips in the early 1970s, Herminia Dierking and Taling Taitano in the 1980s and 1990s, to Doris Flores Brooks and many other leaders at the beginning of the 21st century, the AGA Guam Chapter and its members continue to fulfill its purpose and mission.

2010 & Beyond

2022-2023: Josephine G. Villanueva (President-Elect)

2021-2022: Maripaz N. Perez (Current President)

2020-2021: Pilar Pangelinan (Immediate Past President)

2019-2020: Debbie Ngata

2018-2019: Frances Danieli

2017-2018: Clariza Mae Roque

2016-2017: Yukari B. Hechanova

2015-2016: Artemio "Ricky" Hernandez

2014-2015: Rachel Field

2013-2014: Doreen Crisostomo

2012-2013: Jason Katigbak

2011-2012: Vincent Duenas

2010-2011: Thomas Paulino


2009-2010: Jojo Guevara

2008-2009: Rodalyn Marquez

2007-2008: Matthew Quinata

2006-2007: Christopher Wolseley

2005-2006: Randy Wiegand

2004-2005: M. Francis Quinto

2003-2004: Zeny Asuncion-Nace

2002-2003: Doris Flores Brooks

2001-2002: Peter Aguon

2000-2001: Eloy Lizama


1999-2000: John P. De Norcey

1998-1999: Dr. Filomena Cantoria

1997-1998: John Phillips

1996-1997: Patrick Morrissey


1994-1995: Robert E. McGillivray

1993-1994: Mark J. Heath

1992-1993: Taling M. Taitano

1991-1992: Taling M. Taitano

1990-1991: Taling M. Taitano


1989-1990:​ Ester C. Sanchez

1988-1989: Harold Zelkind

1987-1988: Herminia Dierking

1986-1987: Robert A. Fitzhugh

1985-1986: John M. Phillips

1984-1985: Richard E. Nold

1983-1984: Herminia Dierking

1982-1983: Jose B. Untalan

1981-1982: Keith L. Andrews

1980-1981: Lucia A. Valentin


1979-1980: Ronald D. Hodges

1978-1979: Ben Fukutome

1977-1978: Robert R. Barret

1976-1977: Gary T. Davis

1975-1976: T. Frank Flores

1974-1975: T. Frank Flores

1973-1974: Phillip L. Charles​

1972-1973: Howard O'Hara

1971-1972: John M. Phillips

1970-1971: Floyd W. Fagg

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Debbie Ngata
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