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Program Year 2012 - 2013 General Membership Meetings & Minutes

May 2013
Topic: Guam Visitors Bureau's 50th Anniversary
Guest Speaker: Nathan Denight, Deputy Manager 
Organization: Guam Visitor's Bureau
Location: Outrigger Guam Resort
May 2013 Minutes
April 2013
Topic: Perspective of a New Government Official
Guest Speaker: Jay Rojas, Deputy Director
Organization: Department of Public Works
Location: Outrigger Guam Resort
April 2013 Minutes
March 2013
Topic: Military Buildup 2010 and Economics Topics
Guest Speaker: Joseph "Joe" Bradley, Chief Economist
Organization: Bank of Guam
Location: Outrigger Guam Resort
March 2013 Minutes
February 2013
Topic: 100th Anniversary of the Federal Tax
Guest Speaker: Joey Duenas, Commissioner
Organization: Consolidated Commission on Utilities
Location: Outrigger Guam Resort
February 2013 Minutes
January 2013
Topic: Personal Financial Strategies for 2013
Guest Speaker: David John, President/Director of Asset Management
Organization: ASC Trust Corporation
Location: Outrigger Guam Resort
January 2013 Minutes
December 2012
Topic: Annual AGA Guam Chapter Christmas Luncheon
Location: Outrigger Guam Resort
December 2012 Minutes
November 2012
Topic: Updates on the Guam Military Buildup
Guest Speaker: Honorable Senator Judith Guthertz, DPA
Organization: 31st Guam Legislature
Location: Outrigger Guam Resort
November 2012 Minutes
October 2012
Topic: Career and College Planning - ABCs of Career Planning and College
Guest Speaker: N. Oscar Miyashita, CPA, CCPS, AIFA
Location: Outrigger Guam Resort
October 2012 Minutes
September 2012
Topic: Re-envisioning the Guam Public School System -Goals, Challeneges, and Timeline
Guest Speaker: Jon Fernandez, Superintendent
Organization: Guam Department of Education
Location: Outrigger Guam Resort
September 2012 Minutes
August 2012
Topic: Personal Accountability & Ethics in the Workplace Joint Membership Meeting with the American Society of Military Comptrollers (ASMC)
Guest Speaker: Teresa McKay, CPA, CGFM, CMA - Director
Organization: Defense Finance and Accounting Services
Location: Outrigger Guam Resort
Note: Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Event
August 2012 Minutes
July 2012
Topic: Recognition of Sponsors for the 5K and Guam Professional Development Conference (GPDC)
Location: Outrigger Guam Resort
July 2012 Minutes
June 2012
Topic: Current Initiatives of the Guam Board of Accountancy and the CPA Certification
Guest Speaker: John Onedera, CPA, MBA, Chairman
Organization: Guam Board of Accountancy
Location: Outrigger Guam Resort
June 2012 Minutes
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