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Program Year 2013 - 2014 General Membership Meetings & Minutes

June 2014

Topic: Update on the Property Tax Revaluation

Guest Speaker: John Camacho, Director

Organization: Department of Revenue and Taxation

Location: Onward Beach Resort

June 2014 Minutes

May 2014

Topic: Information Technology in GovGuam

Guest Speaker: Wil Castro, Acting Chief Technology Officer

Organization: Office of Technology

Location: Onward Beach Resort

May 2014 Minutes

April 2014

Topic: Pacific Military Realignment, "The Guam Buildup" Program Status Update

Guest Speaker: Mark Calvo, Special Assistant to the Governor, Military Buildup Director

Location: Onward Beach Resort

April 2014 Minutes

March 2014

Topic: Inner Workings of Social Security

Guest Speaker: Marie Salas, District Manager

Organization: Social Security, Guam Office

Location: Onward Beach Resort, Aqua Ballroom

March 2014 Minutes

February 2014

Topic: Personal Tax Deductions for 2013 and Changes for 2014

Guest Speaker: Edmund Brobesong, Ernst and Young

Location: Onward Beach Resort

February 2014 Minutes

January 2014

Topic: Investments: Views on the Current Market and Economic Situation

Guest Speaker: Terry A. Denison

Location: Onward Beach Resort

January 2014 Minutes

December 2013

Annual AGA Guam Chapter Christmas Luncheon

Location: Onward Beach Resort

December 2013 Minutes

November 2013

Topic: Government Financial Performance Indicators

Guest Speaker: University of Guam Accounting Students

Location: Onward Beach Resort

November 2013 Minutes

October 2013

Topic: An Overview of AGA Guam Chapter's Citizen-Centric Report

Guest Speaker: Mrs. Maripaz Perez, CGFM

Location: Onward Beach Resort

October 2013 Minutes

September 2013

Guest Speaker: Mr. David R. Hancox

Location: Onward Beach Resort

September 2013 Minutes

August 2013

Topic: Recognition of Sponsors for the 5K

Location: Onward Beach Resort

August 2013 Minutes

July 2013

Guest Speaker: Alan Ulrich, CFO

Organization: Guam Memorial Hospital Authority

Location: Onward Beach Resort

July 2013 Minutes

June 2013

Topic: Getting to Know the Third Branch

Guest Speaker: Honorable F. Philip Carbullido, Chief Justice 

Organization: Supreme Court of Guam

Location: Outrigger Guam Resort

June 2013 Minutes

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